Over the decade, the developing nations have made remarkable economic progress but still, life for many has been more challenging than we acknowledge. Humans have certain needs out of which Food, Clothing & Shelter are the primary ones. To build a house is the need of an hour, especially for the middle-class family. They have to toil hard to accomplish their dream of residing in beautiful homes. While for certain. lower-class people, getting a good healthy diet on a regular basis is tougher.

We have considerable industries, Government agencies, and non-profit profit organizations that work towards eliminating or regulating such concerns. Despite these initiatives, we have observed, that we are still far from providing such basic amenities to people.

As an organization, the Ganpati group aims to simplify the life of people with ease and accessibility. Services like providing economic housing plans and promoting healthy food are just the starters. Ganpati group's mission is to develop an affordable ecosystem that makes life easy for everyone. Our services comprise building houses, Retail, Hospitality, IT Services, Fashion, Entertainment, Sports, and Metaverse. We aim to pioneer the market with breathtaking expansion and exceptional growth

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"Success is simply defined as the motivation that gets you started and brings the change."

The above quote aptly defines the Founder and CEO of Ganpati Group. Mr Pawan Jangid. He started his journey as a "Ganpati builder" in 2014 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His mission was to provide a roof over all heads irrespective of the person, caste, religion etc. He expanded his mission by taking a pledge to make every commodity easy and affordable to use in our daily life. His enthusiasm for sports laid the foundation for Yuva and his direct relationship with the B- town industry motivated him to expand into the OTT platform with "Eleven11". He is highly spiritual, and knowledgeable and carries vast experience in all kinds of industries. Passionate about theatre, democratizing finance, and he is someone who is not afraid to take risks and march forward as a leader.

The goals under Ganpati Builders (Ganpati Group ) are Providing Economic Housing Plans to fulfil Shelter Needs and providing basic amenities to each segment at affordable rates.


Dreamz Studio is a unit of Ganpati group coming with the concept of launching Indian superheroes which is inspired by Indian mythology & today’s world. In our superhero universe which we call Mythoverse .We are coming up with our 5 superhero characters which are made to relate Indian audience with a sense of connectivity & give them the best experience of having our best Indian superheroes is our goal.

Dinesh Chatwani is also coming up with dreamer which is platform for young & talented people who have a dream to work with Bollywood celebrities & movies with there skills. Dreamer is a platform which is giving you the chance to complete those dreams we have category of skills like VFX, Music, Acting, Art & Craft, Sketching, Animation, Digital art, Photography, Script Writing and Cinematography. In Dreamz, we are working on NFT Artworks to showcase for the art fields where people can register for the NFT artworks.


SignatureHerbal was founded in 2017, dedicated to the research of Indian herbs and their uses. SignatureHerbal is an expert in marketing & supply of herbal products, which are a combination of Ayurvedic science with Morden technologies. Additionally, SignatureHerbal provides a personalized routine care regimen, tips & expert advice, and a lot more health and personal care for customers. A 'Signature herbal' is an establishment that is boosting, marketing and supplying herbal, organic, and ayurvedic products as well as healthy food & lifestyle in a natural way.


A platform transformed the way of business growth directly impacting micro, small & medium enterprises. One platform for every organic product under one roof.


Signature Store will be a one-stop destination for all organic FMCG products.


A remarkable biological fair showcases the stalls of various organic companies with provision of sales of the product directly from farmers which helps in providing important inputs & knowledge to people all over the world.


Farmers have embraced the proven method of natural farming along with holistic management of the Agri- chain: production, processing, storage and marketing facilities. "Organic Farming".


Adastra a fashion brand, nurturing the elegant and sophisticated fashion with the fashion program for fashion community including a unique combination of workshops, hands-on activities, dynamic guest speakers, exclusive behind-the scenes field trips, an end-of-session portfolio, and lots of exclusive surprises. Adastra is coming up with incredible program will include behind-the-scenes glimpses of the fashion industry, as our campers learn about 100's of career and internship options, develop new skills, spot trends, make connections, and make friends from around the globe. We invite fashion forward people promote and nurtures the best fashion designer, accessory designer & professionals, education institutions & corporates.

The goals under Adastra Fashion are providing Image Consultancy and styling, creating iinternship opportunities and workshops to youngsters (budding designer) in fashion and mentorship to develop best fashion designers, accessory designer, interior designer and professionals. Creating e- commerce virtual platforms and shop with a unique ideas and experiment on yourself ten order.Designer unleash their product and form a token and camp with a unique concept. Fun , learn, Practice.


Fashion is all about prevailing style during a particular time. Fashion is an art, a job, a peek into the personality. Fashion is the sky, an idea and the way to live according to what is happening.


The buying & selling of goods and services is over the internet. It operates in four segments including B2B, B2C, C2C, and C2B. A unique virtual platform coming soon!


The pageant is a unique competition of beauty & intellect for this different age group & individuals can apply. An initiative for this coming pageant aims to redefine beauty & good looks.


An exhibition is the organized presentation & display of a selection of items. We aim at showcasing all the latest trends, best designers and make sure we cover each & every detail to complete a highly luxurious platform.


Platform pursuits and promote higher brands live, increase sales, and display the outfits in show style. It covers live on the platform presents fashion shows, merchandising, pageants, and model of the year.


A platform available in all web browser and devices that allows users to stream on two devices concurrently and downloads for offline view.


Dreamz music is a one-stop solution to all the generic & non-generic rhythms, a music label dealing with innovation, video/ song production, composing creation and fusion.


In Jangid Film, we launch movies in unique scripts to entertain the Indian audience.


We showcased all types of games & reality shows on Our OTT platform Eleven 11.


We showcase all types of Sports activities & promote regional sports.


YUVA Cricket League is a professional Cricket tournament for the purpose of corporate branding and youth cricket dedication. We are presenting the corpoates with a platform to platform to directly attracting the brands on the people. We promote Cricket play with association of top brands. Our focus is to motivate brand usage to the upcoming generation.

The Jaipur Badminton League (JBL) is one of the top District level Badminton League in India. The Jaipur Badminton League has set target to reach more than 5 million badminton Fans in India through TV, on -ground Activities, various social media and other platforms in the next 2 seasons. There is no doubt that the sport is continuously growing and gaining popularity all over the country. Proves that the Indian audiences engaging towards badminton and shows their arousing interest towards this game .want more Badminton Action. The league comprises of 8 Franchises from Jaipur (Rajasthan).

The goals under YUVA NGO (Ganpati Group) is to Facilitate quality health care services to all, providing skill development and extra vocational courses to the young generation, encouraging sports activities and developing sportsmanship in the young generation, supporting growing talent and providing employment to the unemployed population


Being the first racket sport in the world, the most popular game after soccer. Badminton is a racket sport played using rackets to hit a shuttlecock across a net.


Polo is a horseback ball game, a traditional field in the sport and one of the world's oldest known team sports. The game is played by two opposing teams with the objective of scoring using a long-handled wooden mallet to hit a small hard ball through the opposing team's goal.


Boxing is a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves and other protective equipment such as hand wraps and mouth guards, throw punches at each other for a pre-determined amount of time in a boxing ring.


Handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the other team. A standard match consists of two periods of 30 minutes, and the team that scores more goals wins.


Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players each on a field at the centre of which is a 22-yard (20-metre) pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps.

Gorgon India is a premier chain of luxury spas & salons with its presence in 2 major cities of the country - Delhi and Jaipur. We are the trendsetters of this domain and our brand stands for everything trendy and unique. Bringing in the real comfort and luxury with luxurious spa and salons and leveraging the hospitality standards.

The goals under Gorgon is to provide home grooming services for pets, affordable spa services to all, best hair styling and saloon services ( organic home remedies for good care of skin) and also three types of category can be consider class wise.


Looking for a grooming salon to care for your pet? We offer to groom at your home place while your pet enjoys its comfort zone!


Recover, revive and rejuvenate with the best spa services at the affordable packages!


Preparing to go out for something special? We are here to make your day special with perfect make- up that provides a finishing touch to your beautiful appearance!


Want to try something new for your hair or look to make it even better? Our professionals take care of your hairstyle while you smile in the mirror before you!

Quantrec India Pvt. Ltd is working for a nature- friendly sustainable energy solutions for global customers with a vision to bring cost- effective solutions for developing countries in order to increase consumption of eco-friendly vehicles.

The idea behind is to reduce carbon footprints on this planet while developing sustainable transport solutions for the world. Our agenda is to become a global leader in sustainable energy vehicle segment by focusing on bringing cost effective solutions for developing countries and to establish QUANTREC as the World’s largest network of electronic vehicle.

The goals under Quantrac is to encourage, promote and provide e- vehicles, providing services related to e- vehicles, to bring affordable e- vehicle facilities for everyone and to build a sustainable environment free from pollution dust and harmful gases.


Since 2008, e-rickshaws have been extremely popular in the country as an alternative for pulled rickshaws or auto rickshaws. With our unique approach, we are in thee-rickshaw industry to disrupt the market. All the rickshaws are provided catering as per the latest industry standards.


With everyone becoming environmentally- conscious, isn't e-scooty a common norm in today's time? Therefore, at Quantrac, we ensure to cater to the needs of our customers with high- quality, long-lasting and study e-scooty at affordable rates.


Electric vehicles are on the rise. Not only abroad, but in India as well, people are embracing it with open arms. Therefore, interested individuals can consider checking the e-expo to understand which product would suit them the best. Check out our e-expo to find the best e-vehicle.


We also set up charging stations. The charging stations are designed to cater all the needs of electric vehicle owners. These will be installed in certain destinations so that the electric vehicle owners can use the most of it.


Apart from electric vehicles, we also provide EV batteries at affordable rates. These batteries are available in different sizes for different vehicles. Therefore you can browse through all the options and check them accordingly.